My Classes Make Speaking English Easy

I specialize in helping young children to quickly use English and prepare them for a lifetime of learning and mastering their new language.

All my classes will focus on teaching simple sentences and giving your child the confidence to speak. They'll have fun while they study English with me.


I prefer to teach kids because it gives me so much joy to see them grow their abilities as they mature. Nothing makes me feel better than the positive feedback from parents about how much their son or daughter loves my class!

Teacher Jeanie

Meet Jeanie !

Hi. My name is Jeanie.
Welcome to my home page!

I live in Alaska, USA.
I love teaching children to speak English.
In my free time, I love to hike, cook and read.
I also have a dog called Charlotte.

Jeanie Alaska pic

My Qualifications

English Level: Native Speaker
Accent: North American
3 Years teaching with VIPKID, 1 Year Teaching with Magic Ears, 1 Year Teaching with Outschool, 2 Years in classroom as 5th Grade Teacher, Teacher in After-School program for 2 years, Homeschooled my son for 4 years.
Qualifications: TESOL and TEFL Certificates
Education: Bachelor of Telecommunications Degree
Other: I've taught more than 1300 private students from all over the world.


VIPKid Parent


Hi, Teacher Jeanie, Thank you so much for being Harry's most favorite teacher. You are always so nice and friendly to Harry, just like an old friend to him. You can't imagine how happy every time he is when he knows you are his teacher for the class. Harry likes to share his everyday life with you even though he can't speak English very well. Thanks for your encouragement and help. 

VIPKid Parent


We're happy to see our daughter's progress in English! She really enjoys studying English with you! You are the best teacher in her heart! Thanks, teacher Jeanie!

Outschool Parent


My son age 6 enjoyed the class very much. He felt that the teacher was very engaging and fun.

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